Caleb is a Saxophonist/Clarinettist from Australia. He studied Music Improvisation at the Victorian College of the Arts in Australia where he trained in Jazz, 20th Century and other musical language traditions (Latin, Indian, Iranian, Afrikan, Turkish) elements of which can be seen in his compositions and improvisations. Finding a bridge between the harmonic richness of the Jazz tradition and the rhythms and emotional richness of the Balkan and Turkish traditions is central to Caleb's current musical practice.  

Since 2010 Caleb has been working with together juggler/dancer Jeanine Ebnöther. This collaboration has provided Caleb with the opprotunity to look at the role of his music in a mixed dicipline context, given him extensive experience as a solo instrumentalist and developed his physical performance skills.

Tertiary Studies

Bachelor of Music Improvisation - Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne Australia
Adv. Diploma in Jazz Improvisation - Jazz Works Australia, Brisbane Australia
Diploma in Game Design - Quantum Australia, Brisbane Australia
Cert 4 in Advanced Computer Animation - Canberra Institute of Technology, Canberra Australia
Adv. Diploma in Multimedia - Southbank Institute of TAFE, Brisbane Australia

Other studies

Sublime Stupidity Red nose workshops with Elizabeth Baron. Florence Italy
Wutao Training with Pol Charoy and Imanou Risselard. Arcs 1600 France
Balkan Saxophone lessons with Marim Aliev. Zurich Switzerland
Balkan Saxophone lessons with  Mirsad Demirov. Berevo Macedonia