The Richmans Kitchen Orchestra

The 8 headed  Rich Man's Kitchen Orchestra serves up your favourite Calypso and Hokum-Blues at a danceable tempo. By the Karls Kühne Gassenschau, the Cosmic Animal Microfestival or by the Halt auf Verlangen this versatile band of misfits are ready to transform any lonely stage into a circus manege. The Orchestra are ready to land their Caribbean ship at your party.


BOBÓK are an Edinburgh based band playing mostly original songs by composer Misha Doumnov. They sing songs in 4 languages (English, Russian, Roma, SerboCroat). Their original music takes elements of Balkan Brass Bands, Russian Ska, Tango and Punk and glues it all together with Cartoon Absurdism. They are absurd romantic romps about displacement, travel, love, loss, the absence of bananas in Siberian concentration camps and of course, about Eating Your Head.  

Karaçan Kombo

Karaçan Kombo play a broad range of songs from Turkey and the Balkans. Lead by the emotional vocals of Gürkan Karaçan, the ensemble mix Jazz harmony with the Near east asthetic. Contemplative and courageous, the search for beautiful music continues.