The F. M. Alexander Technique (AT) is a great tool to improve ones standard of life. Its principles are simple and applicable to any activity, from dish washing to doing a handstand and sitting at a desk or leading an irritating discussion. Working on fine self-awareness and cultivating the unity of „mind“, „body“ and „emotions“ can prevent injury and help manage all sorts of stress.

As a circus performer, the AT allows me to be more alert, balanced and grounded in rehearsals as well as on stage. I breathe more and experience less stain. Recovery from intense training, shows or touring is accelerated. As soon as one has aquired the basic principles of AT, the work can be continued on oneself wherever and whenever desired. Besides ones attention, no equipment is needed to further develop the 'Alexandrian' functioning.

Jeanine is a certified teacher of the F. M. Alexander Technique. The principles of AT form the core of her personal practice as well as her further teaching activities.
Private lesson: 55 min for CHF 90.

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