Jeanine created her first Solo act 'Ballédanse' in 2006.

Through co-creating the "Ministry of Manipulation", Jeanine has lead foundations of accelerated online exchange and organised and delivered countless and varied live workshops. Her collaboration with leading juggling manufacturer, Mr Babache lead to the ball which is now a standard for the discipline and known simply as the "J9 Ball".
Jeanine likes researching across the artistic genres. Dance, live music and physical theater play major roles.

I want to dance with the ball; listen to the breath, the music and to the space and engage in a game with gravity, support, control and surprise. Rolling, flying, falling, catching and dropping.

My main influences/inspirations:
Kelvin Kalvus, Stefan Sing, Roman Müller, Ryan Mellors, Phillippe Vande Weghe, Francis Brunn, Drew Batchelor, Wutao-Team